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    There is no cost to volunteering at BatReach and staying at Pam's residence, however it is understood that you will supply your own groceries as well as do your own cooking, dishes and laundry.

    In order to work directly with the bats, you will need to be vaccinated for the Australian Bat Lyssavirus (rabies).
    This consists of a regimen of injections over several weeks, which can be costly. Consult your doctor for details of the regimen in your country.

    The busiest season and best time for hands-on experience with the bats is during the spring months, August-October, the height of the birthing season.
    This is when there are a lot of orphaned babies to be cared for, however Pam welcomes volunteers all year round.
    It is advisable to contact BatReach by email to make sure there is space available at the time you wish to stay.

    Volunteer duties.

    Cleaning, scrubbing and hosing bat and animal enclosures. Refilling water buckets. Feeding orphans or infant animals. Collecting foliage for enclosures. Cleaning food buckets. Chopping fruit and other food preparations.
    Giving informational talks to the public on open days.

    Volunteering at BatReach can be a very rewarding and educational experience.

    If you would like to know more about volunteering at BatReach email, volunteer@batreach.com

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